The Wind at Night

This post is inspired by another bloggers post (Carol Anne)  about the wind at night.  She mentions standing in the dark, listening to the wind through the trees.  As I write this, there is a storm blowing; lightening; thunder; lots of wind and rain.  I have to admit I have always had a dislike for … Continue reading The Wind at Night

Misconceptions About Wind Turbines

I've seen many posts on social media - Facebook, Instagram, - that want to slam wind power and mocking Biden and his green energy platform. These post specifically point to Texas' wind farms and the many supposed failures of said turbines. They point to the failures as evidence that Biden's green policy is just so … Continue reading Misconceptions About Wind Turbines

Black History Project – My Search for Knowledge

Since I started doing a "Person of the Month" post where I highlighted an unknown inventor, scientist, entrepreneur, or whomever I wanted to talk about, I've uncovered so much information I feel I need to change my focus.  I originally wanted to highlight people from the above groups, plus others, because they were relegated to … Continue reading Black History Project – My Search for Knowledge

1minfiction – Storm Clouds

  Storm clouds brewing The storm clouds were ominous to say the least as I kissed my wife and kids good bye and headed to the fire station.  The storm had already brought destruction to our town. How could I leave my family unprotected to go help someone else I never met?  How could I … Continue reading 1minfiction – Storm Clouds

1minfiction – My Trouble Alarm Went Off

on The French restaurant my friend recommended to me was in a surprisingly seedy part of town.  I couldn't park close enough to be comfortable with the walk, but had no choice if I wanted to eat there.  As I started down the street, the guy loitering at the corner caught my attention - the … Continue reading 1minfiction – My Trouble Alarm Went Off

Idiots Driving in the Snow

This post is in response to Brian Lageose at  Bonnywood Manor, and his post on idiots driving in the snow.  Being from Ohio and after living in Northern Indiana for six years, I can concur with him 100% in his opinion of such people.  My concurrence comes from two stories that reflect his comments on … Continue reading Idiots Driving in the Snow

Tale Weaver #13 – Finding Something Forgotten

I don't think I'm much different from most folks in the area of being a pack rat.  I keep "stuff" thinking I'll use it some day, but that day never comes.  I've been going through boxes of that very same "stuff" - some of it mine; some of it my mom's; some of it I … Continue reading Tale Weaver #13 – Finding Something Forgotten

Little Bird – Big Attitude

ORIGINAL VERSION: 2/15/2017 This little story happened in Vista, CA. Hopefully it will bring a smile to your face and lighten your spirits. Enjoy. In the late 90’s my wife and I were living in a second floor condo in Vista, CA, in northern San Diego county. Shortly after we moved in, we noticed a … Continue reading Little Bird – Big Attitude