Today’s 1 Minute Fiction post hosted by Cyranny and the picture is borrowed from  Sadje’s post.  The rules are to write a one-minute story or poem about the picture.   You can think about it ahead of time but type it in a minute, and correct typo’s later.  He’s my go at it.

Am I In a Government Building?

I was looking for the tax assessor’s office when I came upon a security guard.  I stopped him and asked for directions.  He pointed me down the hall and told me to follow the arrows on the floor – they would take me to my destination.  Believing the man to be of honest character, I followed his instructions.  The arrows led me down a corridor, through a couple of doors to more corridors, past a lunchroom with no discernable end in sight.  I began to wonder if the security guard was having a bad day and decided to play a prank on me.  I was getting nowhere.

I backtracked a few arrows and suddenly realized I was indeed in a government building and hopelessly lost.  The indecisive, bureaucratic arrow layers had me trapped.  It was then I noticed an arrow pointing to a door I previously missed and thought, “Ah ha!  I found my mistake.  This is the way to go.”  I happily pushed open the door only to see my worst nightmare on the floor – an arrow pointing back at me.

I hope my cell phone battery lasts a while.  I’m going to have to call my wife to send a rescue party out for me.   I hope my dog remembers me when I get out of here?


May 12th #1MinFiction Challenge

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