This is a day late and probably a dollar or two short, but who cares.  I don’t.  The picture caught my eye, and I wanted to run with it.  However, a busy day, more so than usual, got in the way of my posting this yesterday.  So by default, you’re stuck with it today.  Lucky you.

I took some editorial liberties with the picture I borrowed from Cyranny’s post and cropped it to fit better.

My Golden Retriever, Clancy, wanted to go out and run around the yard a while.  After he played a while, I had the urge to go someplace peaceful – like the beach and a special spot I knew.  I called to him, “Clancy, wanna go bye-bye?”  It got his attention instantly.  With ears perked up, he headed for the back gate and the car.

When we arrived, we made our way down to a spot I knew would be quiet this time of day.  The tide was out, leaving pools along the shore amongst the huge rocks.  The shadows on the surface of each pool were different, making me think back about the stages of my life.  I had different dreams as a kid than I did in college. My dreams changed again when I got married and had a family.  Raising two daughters was a challenge.  Did I do it right?  Was I a good father?  Did I work hard enough to provide for them and teach them my values?  I know they both became successful, but at my age now, I wonder what it all meant.  What was left to dream about, to accomplish, to reach for?

The tide began to rise and fill the pools with rushing water.  The reflections were no more. Clancy and I retreated to the car and home to ponder tomorrow.

1Minfiction 5/26/21 – Reflections

May 26th #1MinFiction Challenge – Cyranny’s Cove

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