As Heath Cliff circled the square, watching the humans hustle and bustle about their day, he spotted his target.  Making another circle pass to make sure the humans had left for good, he zeroed in on the morsel left behind.  “Gertrude is going to really love this!” he thought.  “No worms or bugs for lunch today.  I’m going to show her how much I appreciate her sitting on the nest so long.”

Seeing his opportunity open up, he dove for the morsel on the table and snatched it up.  A French fry would be the coup de resistance today.  Gertrude would be so happy to get a change in diet, and the kids would love it!  He hurried off to the nest, feeling very smug in his accomplishment.  He was having a good day.  Until he got home, that is.

Gertrude:  What the hell is this?
Heath Cliff:  It’s lunch for you and the kids.  I found it on a table on the square.
Gertrude:  We can’t eat this.  The kids aren’t old enough and besides, you know I’m on a low-fat diet!
Heath Cliff:  Oh…I don’t remember you telling me that.
Gertrude:  I know, you never listen to me.  Now, go get us a decent meal, the kids will be awake in a little while.

He drops his prize, turns, and leaves the nest to start his search again.

Heath Cliff:  Jeez…what I have to do for that woman.



1MinFiction – Heath Cliff the Provider

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