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Thanks for stopping by.  I have several books available in different categories.  There is a children’s book, a three-part fiction story, and some technical articles.  I appreciate you stopping by, and invite your comments as well.  Enjoy.

The Worm Band

“The Worm Band” is a story of different creatures, both human and animal, becoming friends and getting along with each other.  Elle and her dog Heidi play with a nest of baby rabbits and find a surprise one day.  They hear a ruckus in the grass and discover a Worm Band!

Come see how all of these creatures get along and how they become friends.

Depression Girl – “Survival”

Jean was the second of 10 children of sharecropper parents.  Her mother was a harsh, loveless woman who put her to work at age 5 – barely old enough to stand on a stool to wash dishes.  She would endure much from her mother.  Her father on the other hand was a kind and caring man who tried his best to shield Jean from her mother.   It didn’t always work.

Follow Jean thru her youth and young adult years until she graduated high school and left home.  Follow all of the things she encountered trying to survive the Depression with her family.

What Might Have Been


What do you do after a divorce to start over?  Do you pursue a beautiful woman who shows an interest in you? Do you go back in time to look up an old flame?  If you find the old flame, are you sure it’s still burning?

These are the choices Ken has to make after a 20-year marriage ends in divorce.  Besides getting his own life back in order, he must deal with the nasty attitudes of his kids, thinking he was the main cause.  It becomes a dangerous game of who gets hurt first – the local girl or the old flame.

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