No matter the time of year, Mother Nature has many faces.  Some are kind and peaceful, bringing joy to our hearts and souls.  We enjoy the warm breezes and sunshine of spring and summer; we plant and grow our gardens; we go to the beaches and enjoy life.  In the fall we harvest what we have grown and toiled over all summer, storing as much as we can for the long winter ahead.  The winter brings us snow, cold days with biting winds that make us bundle up – winter is a time of rest.  It also is a time for the young of heart to ski or just build snowmen in the yard.

Mother Nature gives us a lot, but sometimes she also takes a lot.  We have floods, fires, and other natural disasters that reshape our world; denude our forests of trees, and in general, give us lessons for protecting and managing the resources she provides – if only we would listen.

Mother Nature: 

The springtime breezes fall softly upon our spirits longing to rid ourselves of the cold winter chill.  We see the early flowers poking their heads up from the snow.  The tough little crocus is the first to show.  The robins begin to return from their winter vacation to bring us some hope, and a sign spring will soon be here.  The trees blooming in their vivid new colors, bring all a moment of cheer.

Summertime is warm and full of play.  We work in the yard; we go to the beach; we take our time to enjoy the days.  The trees are in full bloom; the nights are clear, showing us millions of stars and a big full moon.  All of the birds have returned and sing us their songs, while we work in our gardens and whistle along.  Mother Nature blesses our efforts with warm sun and just enough rain, to give us her bounty again and again.

Autumn is a time for harvest; a time to gather and give thanks.  We planted, toiled, and sang our summer songs, but now must prepare for winter so long.  We must store all we can and let the earth rest.  We must thank Mother Nature for giving us her best.  Winter will come when all will be still, and we’ll sit by our fire to hide from the chill.  

Wintertime is nature’s time of rest, to restore herself so she can do what’s best.  Provide us with rich earth to plant our seeds, to replenish the soil with the goodness it needs.  The beautiful snow she provides is her blanket to protect, young seedlings planted in fall, to awake in the springtime, and grow tall.  We can rest in our homes or play in her sparkly snow, all the while waiting for those warm days of May.

But, Mother Nature also has a dark side.  A side full of destruction and fire that scorches the earth, sparing nothing of any worth – all in her path are at risk.  She plays no favorites neither poor nor the rich.  As man tries to tame her ways and control her actions, she fights back with flame and destruction.  She knows better than man, what should not be done and what can.  

With flaming breath and eyes flashing, she sets fire to her own creation.  The earth is burned, man’s cities are in peril, many will die from lessons unlearned.  She tells us over and over, “I am in charge.  Do not defy me or my plan, for I am Mother Nature, and you are only Man.”  We push back thinking we know best, never listening to words of wisdom coming from our Mother Earth.

When all is over and the Earth is still, there is a quietness so profound there is nothing to hear.  No birds; no animals rustling in the grass; no voices – it is the sound of death we hear.  A total chared, ugly black death of all that was in her path.  Grotesque shapes of what were once trees are all that’s left for us to see.  Only the wind stirring up the ash and rattling thru the dead sticks that remain, cause our hearts to pause in pain.

The scene is stark and drear; we think nothing will ever return here.  The beauty that once was is gone forever in our short-sighted minds; our foresight becomes totally blind.  We do not see Mother Natures’ plan, to clean away the old and prepare the land; for the new growth and life that is at hand.  For in a few short months, life will return from the seeds buried in the ashes caused by the burn.  All is not lost; it is in Mother’s plan to clean and renew whenever she can.

So, be patient and listen to her wisdom and make the right choice.  Her anger is powerful; her anger has a reason; her anger can teach us if we would only listen.  We cannot change her will; we cannot control her anger.  We are smug to think we can. But, then again we are arrogant; we are man. 


Photo credits:  © Jennifer Calderon,