It is with great difficulty that I write this post.  After seeing a new doctor about my increased Parkinson ‘s-like shakiness, I was given a new med and told to stop taking my former dopa combination.  The result was a massive increase in my shakes. She stopped the dopa meds in prep for a DAT test on the 15th of June.  Since it is a holiday weekend here, I can only get her answering service.  I will call to ask questions tomorrow when the office is open again.

Until then, I will be silent in my writing but will still be reading as much as possible.  Right now, my hands start flapping like leaves in the wind anytime I try to do something in detail, such as type, hold a cup of coffee, or brush my teeth.  It’s very frustrating.

I appreciate all of you very much and enjoy reading your posts.  Keep them coming, and I will update you as soon as possible.


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