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My DBS Device is ON!

When I first started the process of going thru DBS surgery, I intended to document the process as it advanced. However, for many reasons, I have failed in that effort. Therefore, I will try to bring things up to date and document the process. FIRST SURGERY DATE After...

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DBS – We finally have a date.

These past few weeks have been a test of patience at best.  As I laid out in a previous post about my DBS surgery, there were several steps involved prior to getting an actual date for the procedure.  One of those steps was to get surgical clearance from my primary...

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Waking up old.

Waking up in the morning after a good night's sleep is something we usually take for granted. We assumed the night before we would indeed wake up. In our younger years, we woke up full of energy and vitality. We couldn't wait to finish breakfast and go outside to...

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Three AM Feeding

Anyone who has children knows what I'm talking about when I use the term "three AM feeding." It's that groggy time of night when that bundle of joy you brought home from the hospital decides its hungry and wants its pants changed. You struggle to wake up and wonder...

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DBS Process Begins

After many months of waiting, I finally had my appointment with a surgeon to discuss DBS (Deep Brain Simulation) surgery.  This journey began back in June of last year when I underwent testing to verify if my tremors were indeed a result of Parkinson's.  They are....

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Whose Cat Is It?

A few weeks ago we lost one of our furry kids.  Our oldest cat, Tena, got very sick with no hope of recovery.  After 15+ years of giving us joy, and laughter, we had to say good bye - not an easy thing to do. Tena was my wife's cat.  She picked her up from an ad for...

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