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The Great Tarantula Migration!

Sunday mornings at my house are generally spent watching CBS Sunday Morning, and having breakfast in bed.  My wife and I are not church goers so there is no hustle and bustle to get ready for an early service.  Breakfast is simple, usually coffee and maybe...

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Hokey Gram – 9/16/21 — Having a good day

I wanted to post some information that I created relative to Health apps on Smart phones.  I follow a social media site called  It is basically a support type site for anyone with PD.  Since I am having a relatively good day today, I want to...

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Hokey Gram – 8/30/21: DBS surgery process begins.

I haven't written a word since the 26th of June, 2021.  There are many reasons why I haven't.  Some are hard to explain, some may sound like I am whining and some will be obvious with this post.  I'll cut to the chase and just say, most of my absence had been due to...

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A Poem – “Contentment”

    CONTENTMENT     I am a cat.You are a human.We should not trust each other.But we do.I am content with that. I am a cat.You are a human.I do not know when the first of my species came to you.I do not know when your species allowed them to.But, I am content with...

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Hokey Gram – Let’s Try This Again

This is my first post since May 31st.  I'm not sure where to start.  My hands are still shaky, so this may take a while to write.  I suppose I should start with the first sign things were about to change. On April 26th, I saw my neurologist and told him I didn't think...

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