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I'm retired, and living in Arlington, Texas. In my 53 year working career, I worked in both the automotive and aerospace industries, as well doing contract CNC programming from 1994-2015. My wife and I have three children in Santa Clarita, CA. and seven grandchildren. We enjoy traveling around Texas as well as taking an occassional long road trip. At the moment I write a blog about family care givers and am working on getting started as a free lance writer. The blog is a place for care givers to share their stories and frustrations, and realize they are not alone - there are thousands of us out there.

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Welcome to my new site, Texas-Writer74! I’ve created this site to be more “techy” in nature from my existing site. There will be more technical posts, white papers, and hopefully some free lance projects posted here. However, I don’t want this to be a boring site. In that regard, I will still do some stories, follow my friends on the “Word of The Day” blog, and maybe do an opinion piece or two if I see something important to write about.

My old site “” is still active and I will keep it for it’s original purpose – to write about care giving issues. I admit, jumping back and forth trying to maintain two sites may get clumsy, but we’ll see how it goes.

Also – BIG NEWS! In the very near future, I will have an e-commerce store up and running. On it you will find T-shirts, hats, backpacks, coffee mugs, and other products as we develop them. If you would like to suggest some products you would be interested in, let me know, and I will look into the prospect of handling them.

Some of the items on the store will be customizable, meaning if you have a logo for your own business, a photo, a textual saying you want to add to your purchase, you can send us that data to add it for you. Or, you can add it when you place your order.

We look forward to seeing you visit this new site, and our store. I will make a big announcement when we are ready to open. Thanks again for following me, and for your future support.

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