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I'm retired, and living in Arlington, Texas. In my 53 year working career, I worked in both the automotive and aerospace industries, as well doing contract CNC programming from 1994-2015. My wife and I have three children in Santa Clarita, CA. and seven grandchildren. We enjoy traveling around Texas as well as taking an occassional long road trip. At the moment I write a blog about family care givers and am working on getting started as a free lance writer. The blog is a place for care givers to share their stories and frustrations, and realize they are not alone - there are thousands of us out there.

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I’ve been working on my new store, getting it in shape to open.  Took a test run today and ordered some personal stuff to test it out.  When the merchandise comes and I’ve had a chance to review it. we’ll make the decision to open the door for business.

My products (for now) will include coffee mugs, T-shirts for men and women, tote bags, and some wall art.  As we grow I will add more options.  This has been a trial, trying to get it set up, so if you find problems with the merchandise or how the store functions, I would appreciate your feed back and comments.

I think you should be able to visit the store and take a look at what I have listed.  If not, here are some pictures of what I have.









Thanks to all who follow this site.  If you decide to visit the store after it opens, I will greatly appreciate your business.


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