I had been following this guy for several days.  After spotting him in this small courtyard with a group of people intently gazing at their phones, I wondered what he was all about.  He seemed normal to me – not the type to be a serial killer.  He was old, balding, didn’t dress like he could handle himself very well in a fight.  Where did the idea of a serial killer come from?  I certainly didn’t see it in this old geezer, but looks can be deceiving.

My client lives across the courtyard from my subject.  A nice enough lady at heart but with too much time on her hands.  She has a habit of keeping track of her neighbors a little too closely.  This gent seems to have really attracted her attention with the amount of trash he sets out each week.  Really?  What does that have to do with being a serial killer?  I was puzzled, so I started tailing the guy.

He does have some strange habits for living in a flat.  Just yesterday he purchased a large amount of fertilizer, large trash bags, and a couple of saws, all to be delivered on the weekend.  Having checked the area around his flat, I couldn’t help but notice a dearth of places to plant a garden.  So why so much fertilizer; why so many trash bags?  And the saw – there aren’t any trees to trim around his building.  Why would he need that?  I had lots of questions to find answers to.

My client gave me numerous reports of women going into his flat, but never seeing them go out?  Do the local police have any missing person reports?  Hummm, that’s something I need to check on.  Was this a real concern, or had she just missed the times the women left?  That might be possible, but missed seeing any of the seven women leave is hard to believe as well.  Maybe my client was on to something.

This guy looks all nice and normal sitting in this courtyard, but looks can be deceiving.  I’m going to have to get into his flat somehow.  Maybe my client can help me with that?


My serial killer neighbours… – Cyranny’s Cove

Photo credit:  Cyranny’s Cove

One Minute Fiction 4/14/21 — Serial Killer?

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