This is a new one for me to post on. These are questions from a site called “A Guy Named Bloke” ( He asks he questions, you supply the answers. Sounded like fun, so here are my answers.

Question: What was your favorite cartoon character as a kid?
Answer: Bugs Bunny, hands down. I always liked that line of his “I knew I should have taken that left turn at Albuquerque.” I’ve used it a lot.

Question: Have you ever had a crush as an adult?
Answer: Do you mean besides my wife?

Question: Night time or day time – which is best for you?
Answer: When I was still working I had to be a day person – my day started at 4AM. Now that I’m retired, I’m more of a night owl and can read until the wee hours. But my furries get me up at 7AM to eat and go potty. If I get tired during the day, there is always happy hour – nap time!

Question: Have you ever had sex in deep snow as opposed to a light frosting?
Answer: No! To me sex is an indoor sport where it’s warm.

Question: What are you three weirdest quirks?
Answer: 1) Over analyzing/planning things before making a decision. 2) Getting so interested in a project/hobby/TV show/book that I “zone out” and blank out everything else around me – including wife. 3) Building a sandwich – it has to be done in a certain way, layer by layer.

Question: Sum up your personal life in 2020 in only 7 words.
Answer: Frustrated, educational, healthy, productive, new writer connections.

Question: What’s the most embarrassing situation you’ve been in?
Answer: Checking out at the grocery store. My credit card had been hacked and the bank shut it down but I hadn’t seen the notice. I had to ask the store to hold my groceries while I ran home and got my wife’s card.

Question: What are you three favorite words? (I’m adding phrases to the question.)
Answer: 1) Jeez Louise! 2) What a maroon! (Bugs Bunny) 3) Thank you

Question: What sweet things do you like to consume for pleasure?
Answer: Chocolate covered pop corn, or chocolate covered mixed nuts.

Question: Do you currently have a favorite song, and if so, what is it?
Answer: There are songs I like in the current country music genre, but my all time favorite is “Amazing Grace” played on bagpipes. Something about it gives me chills. It is such a soulful rendition, and the reason it’s played on the pipes is to honor a first responder (as I was…) or fallen military. The reasons aren’t lost on me.

Question: Sleep attire – PJ’s, T-shirt and shorts, naked, or other. What’s your preference?
Answer: T-shirt and PJ bottoms. At my age, I’m a far cry from a naked sleeper these days. 😂

Question: What’s your favorite breakfast dish?
Answer: Scrambled eggs, and hash browns. But since I do the cooking it’s cereal with a sliced banana and a cup of coffee. Too early to fix eggs and browns.

Question: What color is best worn to display your passion for life?
Answer: Red. I like it because it stands out; makes a statement; I’m here and not going away.

Question: (Skipped this one)

Question: Underwear or commando?
Answer: Underwear. Same reason as PJ question.

Question: What bed size do you prefer? Why? King, queen, twin, single, other?
Answer: King or at a minimum a queen size. I like the room; like to spread out and stretch once in a while without hitting my wife. She’s kind of grumpy about that. 😊

Question: How do you react to last minute, no warning situations?
Answer: At first, I will probably vocalize my dismay ($%^&) at the situation, but will usually go with the flow unless the change leads to something I really don’t want to do. In that case, see previous quote in parenthesis.

Question: You’ve just woken up. What is the first thing you do?
Answer: I have to let the furries out to go potty and then feed them. They’re sort of pesky about that. Next step is to check my phone for new data.

All done…


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