Anyone who has children knows what I’m talking about when I use the term “three AM feeding.” It’s that groggy time of night when that bundle of joy you brought home from the hospital decides its hungry and wants its pants changed.

You struggle to wake up and wonder why you and your significant other decide to do this in the first place. Prayers are sent heavenward asking for this to end soon.

I don’t have a new human bundle of joy, but a recently adopted new kitten. After losing our 15 year old lady who got terribly sick, my wife decided to get a kitten. This little guy was only three months old when my wife picked him out.

We have another male cat (Henry) and two dogs. Clancy is our 13 year old Golden, and Bebe is our 10 year old American Eskimo (formerly American Spitz). We didn’t know how they would react to this new kitten, so we took him to our bedroom to let him out of his carrier. Things were hectic with all of them wanting to see him.

The adoption place gave us some food to start him off so I found a small dish and gave him some right away. After that, he curled up on the bed and went to sleep. I had no idea what was to come.

That night, I suddenly felt this rough cat tongue licking my nose, then a head bump, then something kneading my beard. The clock said 3:12 AM. Aarrgh!! Go to sleep kid. Its not time to wake up yet.

I tried ignoring him but he wasn’t having it. He is one persistent cat. After several minutes, I finally got up, put some food in his dish and went back to sleep. The only good thing is I didn’t have to change a stinky diaper – he knew where the litter box was.

Now, he’s several weeks older, everyone has been introduced and accepted, and he and Henry are good playmates. I thought, no more three AM feedings to wake me up. Wrong.

Now it’s three AM play time! Panther and Henry have taken to wrestling in our bed at that time. They remind me of my younger brother and me as kids except we never did it at that time of night. And certainly not in our parents bed.

They only good thing is, I can chase them off and go back to sleep…all the way until five AM when my nose gets a head bump. Jeez kid, it’s not time yet!

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