Image credit; Eric Muhr @ Unsplash

The path winds among the tall pine trees, teasing me to follow it. Where, I do not know, and don’t really care.  It is a peaceful path rich in nature, her smells, her sounds, her abundant life.  As I follow her trail, I smell the scent of the moss, heavy with the moist fog giving off a musky fragrance.  The tall pines are gently caressed by the wind leaving their unique scent floating in the air.

On the ground around my feet, chipmunks and squirrels scamper about, startled by my approach.  They move so fast, one hardly gets a glimpse before they have scampered up a tree or hidden under a log.  They have seen humans many times before, but still do not trust the intruders along this path.  This early spring day has brought them out to search the places food was stashed many months ago.  The winter was bleak, but the squirrels were wise to hide food in preparation and assure their survival.  Industrious creatures they are.

If I pause along my way to just absorb the sounds, I can hear birds of many names.  Woodpeckers, tap-tap-tapping on a tree looking for a morsel.  Crows cawing, talking to one another as they search for a resting place.  They put out their sentinels to watch what the intruder does.  Is he friendly or does he come to harm – they take no chances and post the guards.  The English sparrows flutter in the leaves and underbrush looking for food.  The blue jays with their screeching calls, add a raucous excitement to the scene.  It’s too light now for the birds of prey, but once the nighttime falls, they will fly. They will fly on six-foot wings with skills unmatched in their domain – passing through trees without clipping a wing, never losing sight of their target.  An awesome display of precision flying and God’s engineering of a magnificent species.

The sounds to some may be just noise, but to me, they are peaceful and serene. They allow me to think about the brilliance of nature and its design.  Nature is perfect; it is well planned; it can take care of itself if we would only let it.  Each creature has its own special, unique skills and talents.  Each creature fills its proper place in the system. Nature has a well-thought-out plan.

But the intruder is a man.  Man has to tinker and alter nature’s plan. He does not understand – she does not need his help. If he would only listen, flush his mind of thoughts and his need to control, all would be better for both.  A man should live in harmony with nature rather than in conflict. His soul should enjoy the peace and quiet nature brings, only if he would embrace her beauty and strength.

The path may wind, twist and turn, but it has a purpose.  To slow us down; to make us listen; to refresh our souls. Take a stroll down a winding path and listen to nature.