The word of the day is a noun and comes from the Greek word “psithuros” meaning whispering or slanderous.   It is pronounced (Sith-er-izm).  From what I can find it was used in the late 18th century.  The current English meaning refers to the wind rustling leaves in the trees, or rustling by itself.




Willow, my goddess of the wind,
Lets me know she is near as she rustles
the leaves in the tree above me.
I hear her gentle voice as she causes
a soft breeze to waft across my face.

She is gentle today and plays with the Sun
To entice me to relax and not worry
about things left undone.
There will be time aplenty to do them,
But for now, I am drawn to her bosom.

“What’s the rush”, she asks?
Life does not have to be paced so fast
Chasing after things that won’t last.
Relax, enjoy, let me whisk your cares away
Come and enjoy a peaceful day.

She rustles the leaves again to remind me
of her power to persuade in a gentle way.
Her helper the Sun does his part
to give me warmth in my heart,
and a reason to enjoy this gentle day.



But, my goddess has another side I do not like.
When she is angry and the lightning strikes,
she comes through the trees with a force of dread,
blowing the supple limbs with horrible force
as if to say, “You cannot deny me – I am in charge today.”

When she is angry, her force is destructive,
Neither kind nor benevolent to all around.
She will destroy without mercy all in her way.
She will send chills thru many a heart 
before her wrath is over and she departs.

So I must enjoy this beautiful day
and let her have her seductive way,
as she rustles thru the trees 
and surrounds me with her fragrant scent
telling me this day must be well spent.



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Word of the Day – Psithurism

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